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These are valuable links that I have found EXTREMELY USEFUL for presentations, personal learning, or truly educational purposes.  I hope these may bring some enlightenment to you as well.  Thanks for reading!


Windows Live25gb of free storage for registered users.  Only limitation is that it only allows a maximum of 50mb uploads.
– no typo, it is actually spelled this way.  This is a free service that shows who is hitting/subscribing your blog, site, podcast.
CamStudio – a free download for capturing TRUE Screen Recording for “HOW TO’s” or “HANDS ON DEMONSTRATIONS” for others.
FREEZ – The absolute best, most amazing solution for FREE & HIGH QUALITY devices for screen recording software, ipod video converters, DVD ripping, and quality other software – which includes no spyware or the like….

JING – is another free screenrecording software that is a little more robust and offers greater control.

JODIX – a free download for converting any type of media to Podcast (MP4) iTunes compatable format.  EXCELLENT!
AUDACITY – a free download for creating great recordings for podcast and will convert to any iTunes compatable format, specifically MP3.
Enhanced Podcast with the Windows Operating System (this link leads to other tutorials).
Royalty Free
Podcast Promo Soundpack, and another one that was recently discovered at the GaETC Conference in Atlanta, Georgia is SOUNDZABOUND.
FREEPLAY MUSIC – Royalty Free Music (great mixes and all types of genres as well).

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